Find your products faster!

With the new filter feature.

It is not always easy to find the right accessories for your measurement device: the right ZEISS stylus, ZEISS extensions or ZEISS adapter plates. To narrow down the extensive ZEISS product range to the essentials and make it easier for you to find the right product, we have integrated a new view and filter implementation for the ZEISS Metrology Shop. The new filter feature is now available in the categories for ZEISS styli, ZEISS adapter plates or ZEISS extensions. It saves you valuable time by selecting the right product for your measurement task.

Your view, your choice

With the new and improved views for our ZEISS styli, ZEISS adapter plates and ZEISS extensions, you can now choose between a detailed table view and a visually appealing card view.

  • The table view provides all the information you need to search and compare products. It is perfect for those who want to make informed decisions.
  • Using an info icon in the table view, you can see the product image, part number and specific price.
  • The card view provides a visually appealing representation of each product, making it ideal for browsing and getting a quick overview of the items.
  • Both views have a general sorting function, with the table view offering advanced sorting options by category in the table header.

Powerful filter options to find the right product

Say goodbye to endless scrolling. The new filter functionality promises a faster product search. From now on, you can easily select different product specifications to narrow down your selection and save valuable time.

  • Easily select specific filter options for each category, such as diameter, length, and styli material.
  • Narrow down the product list with multiple filters at once.
  • View your active filters as tags, allowing you to quickly remove or adjust them as needed.
  • Switch easily between table and card view, as the filters apply to both.
With our improved filter feature, finding your perfect product has never been easier. Try it out today!